McColls x Cafe Amsterdam - Dutch Milk 5%

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During lockdown, when the sun was shining and who knew what November would look like we launched a little Crowdfunder project and our mate Andy at Cafe Amsterdam pledged to 'Brew with Danny' (thank you fella, look what you done).

That very quickly snowballed in to a collab, then Andy sent me a link to a Dutch Kuit beer, a 15th Century beer brewed almost exclusively with Oats and Wheat. It's kind of like a New England Pale Ale before New England was even New England.

But that was too straight forward and somehow Gruit appeared, an unhopped beer often using herbs, spices or flowers for bitterness. We joked!...and then we blended the two and created this Hybrid.

So we took the best of both beers, using Bog Myrtle for bitterness and Caraway seeds for a zingy citrus freshness plus the big silky smooth body from the Oats and Wheat. Finally we had to make it of today, so we double dry hopped it with tonnes of Muteuka hops to add layers of tropical fruit aromas.